Who Can Participate?

Who We Serve

Who is Eligible for TRIO EOC DSW Services?

  • Residents of Douglas, Shawnee or Wyandotte Counties who are:
    • Adults 19 and older seeking to further their education
    • High school seniors (including those who are still 17-18 years old) - who do not have a TRIO Talent Search program at their school
    • U.S. Citizens or permanent residents

We specialize in and prioritize the following:

  • First-time college enrollees
  • Adults returning to an education program after a break
  • Individuals who are low-to-moderate income and/or first-generation college students
  • Individuals 19 and older already enrolled in:
    • Career and Technical Education program
    • Community College
    • University
  • Active-duty military personnel/veterans and their families   
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Individuals who need a high school completion or GED program
  • Individuals who have been in or are aging out of foster care
  • Previously incarcerated adults returning to school
  • Immigrants who are U.S. citizens or have a permanent residency card or other supporting documentation

Not Sure?

  • Not sure where you fit or what services you might need?
  • Contact us by email at trio-eoc-dsw@ku.edu or phone at 913-233-1124 so we can learn about your unique situation and help you get started.

We know the process of choosing an educational or career path can be difficult, especially if you have barriers to access, have work and family responsibilities, or are unfamiliar with the process. In truth, there are many paths an individual can take, whether you are interested in career and technical education (CTE) certification program, a community college program (e.g., associates degree), or a four-year bachelor's degree. We provide you with the resources and knowledge necessary to pursue the educational or career goals that can change your life.

Students in a classroom discussion
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Student walks down a dormitory hallway

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